Confidentiality and HMT Groups

I just got back from Costa Rica where not only did we have an exquisite time enjoying warm -almost hot- weather, seeing nature, parasailing and enjoying the whole week in a tropical paradise and I loved being with therapists and their partners during the workshop hours. On day 2 of workshop I stayed after to have a Q&A session with therapists attendees who also are interested in running the HMT workshop in their local communities. The questions were excellent and I had a lot of fun … [Read more...]

Being partners of a therapist

I love facilitating the Hold Me Tight couple's seminar; it’s a workshop for therapists and their partners I do every 2-3 months. Each time is an amazing experience. Couples learn to communicate and really hear each other. I watch them tuning into each other at the heart level—learning that one thing begins to change relationships. One of the early questions often expressed goes something like this: "Becca, my partner is a therapist, and when we start to talk I feel like she's trying to be … [Read more...]

Are you here for me? Am I There For You?

Earlier this year I added a new assessment/questionnaire to the Hold Me Tight© workshop. I added the assessment into my Hold Me Tight workshops as a supplemental assessment and every time I do the workshop with this assessment I am so excited because couples love it. It helps the workshop start off with couples feeling connected. As couples understand their relationship more and fall back in love. Talk about gratifying and exciting. As I see Emotionally Focused Therapy at work in this … [Read more...]